Adventures of Barak and Zabaratz

Journey to Crossroads
Wherein Barak and Zabaratz fulfill their promise

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In which Barak and Zabaratz first meet.

It was late at night when the ships Barak and Zabaratz traveled upon made their way to the shores of Hal-El. Barak awoke that night having washed ashore, after the slaver ship he was being transported upon wrecked during the nights storm. After reaping vengeance upon the few slavers he found upon the beach-head, Barak followed his instincts to the nearby town of Hal-El. Barak came across Zabaratz as he made his way into a crowd of travelers who had recently deboarded their ship. After a minor misunderstanding, they realized they both could be of use to each other in the town they had entered, since neither were familiar with their surroundings. Zabaratz knowing he had found someone who’s muscle he could rely upon, and Barak simply glad to have found someone to help put his past month of life as a slave behind him, it would seem they were content to stand each others presence for now. It wasn’t long before they were tested that night at the Sirine’s Inn. After handily dispatching of a few Ruffians who were bent on picking a fight with them, Barak and Zabaratz found themselves narrowly escaping the town guard. The next morning they found themselves in the pockets of a trio of sisters headed to the town of Crossroads. It seems the ruffians they had killed were in the sisters employ as bodyguards. With no real direction and an understanding of the hardship they had caused these women (and maybe a certain attraction Barak developed for the sister named Alayna), they agreed to help the sisters by taking the place of those they had defeated.


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